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rae headhot SFI have a diverse background in wine and spirits importation/distribution sales, marketing and buying, public and private wine events management, wine brokerage services, social marketing, international business development for wine/spirits/equipment, writing and editing, amateur photography as well as a  history in health  insurance pricing and financial services (wine and writing are oh so much better!)

I am also a fearless adventurer, traveling wherever my palate may take me!

Join/follow me on my next adventure!

  • Freelance creative writing $0.50/word minimum with 500 word minimum.
  • Freelance technical writing at variable rates beginning at $0.50/word minimum with 500 word minimum and based on project complexity.
  • Consulting fee $100/hour with 1 hour minimum (Project fees estimated based on a variable hourly rate and project complexity.)

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Special thanks to my dear friend, author Warren Bobrow for writing these kind words for me.

Raelinn, who is she? One minute she’s seen in Barcelona supping on tapas- the next somewhere in Italy eating those multi-hour sojourn meals… Suddenly, there she is on the cobbled streets of Brooklyn. Perhaps you want to get to know her better?

Raelinn Doty doesn’t just live life- she embraces the intricate flavors that life has to offer. Unafraid to travel to far off places like a local, Spain, Italy, France.

Do you want to taste wine at the source? Bring a sweater, a couple of changes of clothes and an appetite for living life, not as a mere metaphor- but as a place that you can visit and remember. Those memories that you bring home with you aren’t carefully choreographed- like taking a cruise or being led on a tour bus… If you want to go further than just scratching the surface when you seek new adventures, it’s time to become part of the experience of knowing Raelinn.

Is it a trip to Italy that you desire? What about tasting that perfect small producer, organic wine that you’ve only enjoyed once. Is it from the Loire Valley perhaps? She has the professional and personal connections to make it happen. Need to source out that perfect meal to go with that wine and drink it with the locals?

If your common tours get you down, consider the un-tour. Traveling with Raelinn is not like watching television. You have to get involved. Knowing her, experiencing her reasoning takes inner passion. But what is it that makes you want to travel? You travel for the passion of the experience. And through this experience, you will be seeking the council and guidance of Raelinn. She’s got the Romance languages down. Any closer to the experience and you’re already living there!

— Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer