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Open Relationships – Part 2 – Your Happiness Is My Happiness

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think when I’m in the shower. And I was in the shower yesterday when some additional thoughts came to mind about open relationships that I didn’t include in my post yesterday. The first one is that for an open relationship to work, it takes the kind of […]

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Open Relationships and What I Mean When I Say That

It’s been an interesting couple of days over on Facebook where I recently did a review of my account settings. (If you’re my Facebook friend you can click over there and check it out.) I review settings from time to time because Facebook has sneaky ways of changing things when you aren’t looking. I realized that […]

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Re-Focus – Foundation • Discipline • Expertise

It’s that time of year when I start reflecting on what I’ve done all year long and what I want the year ahead to look like. Last year I said I wanted to focus on Foundation, Discipline and Expertise. I’ve worked very hard on building on my already strong foundation and I feel really good […]

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HELP! Be My Valentine? WIN Valentine’s Day Dinner with Me at Rouge Tomate NYC

I just learned that I no longer have to sit at home on Valentine’s Day eating popcorn and watching “Intolerable Cruelty” (seemed a fitting title) on Netflix! Because… GUESS WHY!! I WON DINNER FOR 2 AT THE AMAZING ROUGE TOMATE IN NYC!    But I still have a problem. I don’t have a Valentine! Will […]

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Ok FINE! I’ll Write a Valentine’s Day Post.

Blah blah blah. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day again…  blah blah blah… gag. Can we tell I’m feeling a little bitter this year? (insert fussy face here)   I don’t like Valentine’s Day when I am in love and I really don’t like it when I’m not (like now). Silly, contrived holiday. But, I confess that […]

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Cultural Finds – A Travel Memoir and a Musical Masterpiece

I’ve just finished reading my advance copy of Anatolian Days & Nights – A Love Affair with Turkey – Land of Dervishes, Goddesses, and Saints. My mind is still reeling with beautiful visions of mermaids and minarets, of Beyoğlu and the Bosporus. Authors Joy E. Stocke and Angie Brenner offer a gorgeous memoir of over […]

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