Confusion in the voting booth

It’s March 9th.

I voted today as an early voter. And there was confusion in the voting booth!

Several candidates have dropped out of the Democratic Primary. When I went to vote, all of the candidates were still on the ballot. And there was a sign posted in the voting booth telling me that Cory Booker had dropped out of the race and that a vote for him would not be counted. But none of the other candidates who had dropped out were on that announcement. It was a little confusing and I even know who already dropped out. So I’m standing there wondering what on earth less informed people might be thinking and doing in there! I wrote to the board of elections here after I left the site. I was a little too worked up to talk directly to a human in there at the time. Alas.

Raelinn Doty Schmitt I voted
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
Here is the response I received from the board of elections:

Booker is the only one who filed the paperwork with Ohio to withdraw in time. The rest did not so they can technically get delegates even if they held a press conference and quit.

To say that I’m flabbergasted would be a gross understatement. I mean what in the actual…

We have to do better. I, personally, do not have a solution! How can we try to help voters, especially undereducated and uninformed/misinformed voters, know that they are wasting their primary vote if they choose a candidate who already dropped out but remains on the ballot? How can we possibly get accurate results!? Certainly, as Ohio Democrats, we can do better to eliminate confusion in the voting booth!

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Have more questions? Contact me!  Or check out more information about voting in Ohio HERE

Happy voting! Stay smart out there!

– Raelinn