Malabar Maluku – A Cocktail

On the spice trail!

It’s Thirsty Thursday and I’m sitting in chilly NJ dreaming about islands.  I have a grapefruit in front of me and I was feeling like using it for a cocktail. Feeling rather uninspired I called on my dear friend Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer for some ideas. “Gin, he says.” And I love this. But I ALWAYS make gin cocktails, because I’m a gin woman. So he says, “whiskey… or rum.” “OOOOOH! I say… SPICED rum!” To which I get the desired reply, “Now we are talking.” So here we go! I arrived at the name from the most famous locations for cardamom and cloves, Malabar and Maluku, respectively.

Into a shaker with ice:

Juice of about 1/4 a grapefruit

1/2 oz (or more to taste) Royal Rose Cardamom – Clove Syrup (LOVE THIS STUFF!)

4.5 oz of your choice of spiced rum (I used a sample from Terressentia but would prefer something with a little more KICK both in terms of spice and proof. It was too “clean” for this cocktail.)

3 shakes of Angostura bitters

Shake till frosty

Pour in glass

Top with seltzer


I have in mind to use some Bitter End Moroccan Bitters (keeping my spice trail motif going) in this. I’m away from home but will try this as soon as I get back!


— Raelinn


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