Re-Focus – Foundation • Discipline • Expertise

It’s that time of year when I start reflecting on what I’ve done all year long and what I want the year ahead to look like. Last year I said I wanted to focus on Foundation, Discipline and Expertise. I’ve worked very hard on building on my already strong foundation and I feel really good about the work I accomplished in this area. I remained disciplined in many of my goals for last year; however, sometimes life throws curve balls your way. And so it did. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel like I knocked it right out of the park by moving to Maui. Doing so created the need for changes in my focus for expertise. Moving forward, it is my goal to stick with these 3 words again for 2015 but shift their focus into my writing. I’ve already begun this shift by working with Edible Magazine here in Hawaii. I plan to continue to seek out more professionally published writing opportunities and to write more here on my own website in the year ahead. So, be on the lookout for a lot more eating, imbibing and traveling fun!

How have you done with your goals for the year? What will your focus be for 2015? I’d love to hear it!



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