Travel Tuesday – A Meal in Monchiero

For two years in a row, I have had the great pleasure and privilege of living in Dogliani, Italy for harvest and the remainder of Autumn. Just a short hop away from Dogliani lies the tiny town of Monchiero where the small, unassuming Osteria “Giro di Vite” (one of my absolute favorite places to eat) is located, nestled in a corner near the old train station. The restaurant’s charming owner Carlo “Charly” Frau is the heart of the establishment.


He takes great pride in serving up the very freshest local and regional fare. The dishes are simple but perfectly and thoughtfully prepared in a “Slow Food” style. Everything is house made from ingredients, more often than not, purchased the same morning at local markets or directly from farmers.

The dining rooms are a cheery butter yellow and full of natural light during the day. In the evening the lights are low and provide a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. (In stark contrast to a lot of really great restaurants who fail miserably with their harsh, cafeteria-style lighting. Details count!)

Lovely light, fresh bread, local wine

 Every single dish is made with great care and pride by Charly and his team. Louisa (La Balva) makes all the pasta from scratch downstairs. (Wait till you see the video I made! She is a machine!)

Plin - a local Piemonte favorite


No detail is left to chance. The desserts are all house made and even the coffee service is delicious. (Anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I love a good coffee at the end of my meal. Can make or break the whole experience!) Ask for the panna cotta. Trust me.

Pears in wine


Not only are the meals at Giro di Vite delicious, they are also shockingly affordable, a real testament to Charly’s love for what he does. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than to see his happy customers, most of whom become instant friends, return time and again for a welcoming, unforgettable regional dining experience. If you find yourself in the area of Dogliani, be absolutely certain to stop in for a meal with Charly. And be equally certain to tell him I sent you in. Interested to learn more about this region in person? Let’s go together! Just let me know when and I’ll take care of the rest. 



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