Why are appetizers so often FAR better than entrees? (And other rants)

And why is it so damn hard to get a good salad?!

I was chatting with a friend who recently went to a restaurant in NYC (I won’t name it here) and was describing his experience to me. One dish was really good and one dish was god awful as was the salad (a pet peeve of both me and my friend). It has been my experience (and that of so many of my friends that it has prompted this post) that appetizers are often far superior to entrees at supposedly very serious restaurants. WHY? Why, why? Have you had this experience? I’d really love to know. And if you are a chef, can you please explain this perplexing phenomenon? I’ve frankly changed my ordering habits to asking for several apps in lieu of one appetizer and an entree. I’m too scared it won’t measure up and I’ll waste my precious funds on mediocrity. I can get that in my own kitchen, thanks very much. (insert sarcastic snort and maybe a little eye rolling)

This brings me to the salad rant. WHY ON EARTH CAN’T I GET A GOOD (read NOT overdressed) SALAD!!????? GAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Ok. I’m ok. And alright…Barbuto, bless them, has a perfect salad. Perfect. Delicately dressed so that I can taste the greens and not a soupy mess of dressing. Have you also had this experience? I mean really good restaurants that just can’t help but drown the salad!? Come on now… CUT IT OUT!

gorgeous salad in Antibes
Gorgeous salad in Antibes

And one final rant. Coffee service. Please, please for the love of all things good and decent pay attention to coffee service. For me it is the worst transgression of all to end an otherwise delightful meal with a horrid abomination that is trying to pass itself off as “coffee”. Don’t, just don’t. Teach your staff to pay careful attention to the coffee! It is what most people are walking out the door have lingering on their palates.

delicious cappuccino
Lovely cappuccino

So, I would love to have your feedback on any or all of these issues. Have any of these happened to you? Do you have a restaurant rant that I didn’t cover? Share!  And how we might help our restaurant friends to sort it out!?

Cheers from Maui!


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