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For those of you who don’t know, I started the Wine Ophelia blog back in 2009 just to have a little fun with wine and writing. When I came back from Italy last year and began • r Consulting, I decided to move all of my writing here to raelinn.com. After some more consideration, I felt that I want to retain the Wine Ophelia posts when I do my wine writing. So whenever you see Wine Ophelia here on raelinn.com, you know you are on a wine article. Easy! So.. here we go!

A couple of weeks ago I did a tasting of Wente Vineyards Chardonnay via Tastelive. I thought I’d share my notes with you… Enjoy!

I started off with Wente 2011 Eric’s Chardonnay. 100% stainless, cold fermented, picked at 22 brix.. no oak!! HURRAH!! Lovely pear and floral nose, subtle lemon on palate, lively acid. Me like!

Moved along to Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay 2010. 50/50 stainless/neutral oak. Elegant nose, reminds of Bourgogne. Apricot, subtle vanilla. 50% malo (in barrel) gives a smooth, round mouthfeel but balanced acidity. Really pleasant not too much oak. (Morning Fog Chard)

Now on to Wente Riva Ranch – Arroyo Seco (Monterey) Chardonnay 90% barrel fermented 10% stainless some new oak here…lush tropical nose, round mouthfeel, softer acids, for having new oak, it is very balanced w tropical fruit. More tropical than I prefer but good for this style.

Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay: remains on lees for 9 months in barrel. nice richness. battonage. Great structure here. all pears mid palate. This is not a style I prefer for myself, but very well done for what it is. Kudos for nailing it!

Wente Nth degree Chardonnay Ambient yeast fermentation, no inoculation, barrel fermented 50-60% new oak, sur lee w battonage 1 x/week. Very elegant wine. Spice nose, but subtle. For sure old world style. Great acid, fabulous apricot, tropical notes on the bouquet. On the palate great mouthfeel from life on lees. Again, lush but nicely balanced with round mouthfeel (malo), and a long spicy finish. I genuinely enjoyed it even though the style is still not one I normally prefer. VERY well done.

Of all the Wente wines today, my personal preference is, of course, the Eric’s Chardonnay 2011 unoaked. But the Nth degree was truly a lovely wine as well.



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